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Case Studies in Engineering Design

A multidisciplinary introduction to engineering design using real-life case studies.Case Studies in Engineering Design provides students and practising engineers with many practical and accessible case studies which are representative of situations engineers face in professional life, and which incorporate a range of engineering disciplines. Different methodologies of approaching engineering design are identified and explained prior to their application in the case studies. The case studies have been chosen from real-life engineering design projects and aim to expose students to a wide variety of design activities and situations, including those that have incomplete, or imperfect, information. This book encourages the student to be innovative, to try new ideas, whilst not losing sight of sound and well-proven engineering practice.A set of notes for lecturers to accompany the book is available free to download from:

Undergraduate engineers of all disciplines - particularly mechanical and manufacturing. Professional engineers.

Paperback, 272 Pages

Published: June 1998

Imprint: Butterworth Heinemann

ISBN: 978-0-340-69135-9


  • Keywords * Foreword * Preface * Methodology * Crane sheave - basic design principles * Crane sheave - early failures * Crane sheave - simple costing * Casting machine - basic design * The 'Rainbow' sculpture - innovation in design * The 'Inshallah' condenser - ISO 9000 application * Screwed fasteners - standardisation in design * Fasteners and coupling - better design * 'Piranha' - technology transfer and project structure * Mechanical seals - improving design reliability * Aircraft flight control - function and ergonomics * Power boilers - remnant life assessment * The 'Schloss Adler' railway - design for plastics * Electric vehicles - design for plastics * Motorcycles - design and project costing * Flue gas desulphurisation - total design * The fast yacht 'Dying Swan' - complex failures * Conclusion * Appendix * Bibliography * Index.


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