Cartography Past, Present and Future

A Festschrift for F.J. Ormeling

Edited By

  • D.W. Rhind, Vice-President ICA
  • D.R.F. Taylor, President, ICA

Making maps dates back at least four thousand years and it is widely recognised that many maps are of great historical value and present a skilled method of summarising the real world on a sheet of paper. Less well known is the judgement involved in the selection and simplification of features, the complex transformation of space and the exacting standards which are needed in cartography. This book is primarily a tribute to Professor F.J. Ormeling, former President and Secretary/Treasurer of the ICA and gives a wide ranging review of the current status of cartography, how this status was attained and the way in which the subject is expected to evolve over the next decade. It is composed of two main sections. In the first, the present state of cartography in different countries is examined. The second section is a thematic view in which some of the major issues and developments in cartography are discussed in turn, including art and science in cartography, the character of historical cartography, the role of map making in developing countries, the impact of a possible ideal computer mapping facility and how cartography has changed in recent years. There are international contributions from authors distinguished and internationally recognised in cartography and related fields and who have had a significant input to the ICA.
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The book will be of great interest to all cartographers, geographers, surveyors and those involved in the art, science and technology of making maps.


Book information

  • Published: August 1989
  • Imprint: PERGAMON
  • ISBN: 978-1-85166-336-1


Festchrifts vary in their value to the educator but this, while not a textbook, offers both useful information and ideas and would be a worthy addition to a teaching collection.
Michael Woood, International Journal of Remote Sensing

Table of Contents

Contemporary Regional Issues in Cartography. The status of cartography in Nigeria (I.A. Adalemo, O.Y. Balogun). The state of cartography - the Indian national perspective (G.C. Agarwal). The state of cartography: Polish perspectives (M. Baranowski). The present and future cartography in France (J. Bertin). National cartographic perspectives in Mexico (N. Duch-Gary). The state of cartography in the Federal Republic of Germany (U. Freitag). China's cartography: the present situation and future perspectives (H. Yuju, F. Lifan). Thematic Issues in Cartography. Cartography as an art (A.H. Robinson). The science of cartography (A. Papp-Vary). Historical cartography (H. Wallis). Education and training in cartography (F. Ormeling). Cartography and the developing nations: some new challenges (D.R. Fraser Taylor). The ideal mapping package (R. Blatchford, D. Rhind). The revolution in cartography in the 1980s (J. Morrison).