Carotenoids as Colorants and Vitamin A Precursors book cover

Carotenoids as Colorants and Vitamin A Precursors

Technological and Nutritional Applications


Published: August 1981

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-082850-0


  • List of Contributors.Foreword.Preface.Natural Food Colors, J.C. Bauernfeind.Carotenoids as Food Color, H. Klaüi and J.C. Bauernfeind.Oxycarotenoids in Poultry Feed, W.L. Marusich and J.C. Bauernfeind.Carotenoids in Fish Feeds, K.L. Simpson, T. Katayama, and C.O. Chichester.Carotenoids in Wild and Captive Birds, A.H. Brush.Carotenes and Other Vitamin A Precursors in Animal Feed, J.C. Bauernfeind, C.R. Adams, and W.L. Marusich.Carotenoids in Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Products, K. Münzel.Carotenoids in Medical Applications, M.M. Mathews-Roth.Carotenoids as Photoconductors, J.O. Williams.Carotenoid Analytical Methods, E. De Ritter and A.E. Purcell.Index.


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