Caribbean Amphibians and Reptiles

Edited By

  • Brian Crother, Southeastern Louisiana University, Hammond, U.S.A.


Professional and amateur herpetologists, ecologists, evolutionary biologists, biogeographers, and biologists interested in the natural history of the Caribbean.


Book information

  • Published: May 1999
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-197955-3


"This volume is dedicated to Dr. Albert Schwartz (1923-1992)in recognition of his incredible scientific accomplishments in Caribbean herpetology. ...I believe that this interesting book is an appropriate tribute to the amazing career of Albert Schwartz and will serve as a benchmark for years to come..."
--Richard Franz, University of Florida, for COPEIA (2000)

"The most complete review of the literature on the ecology and evolutionary history of amphibians and reptiles of the Caribbean, to date. ...An excellent reference book for herpetologists, ecologists, and conservation biologists interested in the region."
"An excellent, well-written source book..."
?-CHOICE (December 1999)
"...a valuable tool for herpetologists interested in the Caribbean."

Table of Contents

B.I. Crother, Preface.G.R. Zug, Foreword.E.E. Williams, Over 300 Years of Collecting in the Caribbean.A.R. Ruibal and R.Ruibal, A Review of Cuban Herpetology.R.I. Crombie, Jamaica.R. Powell, J.A. Ottenwalder, and S.J. Inchaustegui, The Hispaniolan Herpetofauna: Diversity, Endemism, and Histical Perspectives, with Comments on Navassa Island.R. Thomas, The Puerto Rico Area.E.J. Censky and H. Kaiser, The Lesser Antillean Fauna.R.W. Henderson and R. Powell, West Indian Herpetoecology.B.I. Crother, Evolutionary Relationships.G.K. Pregill and B.I. Crother, Ecological and Historical Biogeography.W.E. Duellman, The West Indies and Middle America--Contrasting Origins and Diversity.Plates.References.Index.