Carbon Nanotubes


  • M. Endo, Shinshu University, Japan
  • S. Iijima, Meijo University, Japan, and NEC, Japan
  • M.S. Dresselhaus, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

Carbon nanotubes have been studied extensively in relation to fullerenes, and together with fullerenes have opened a new science and technology field on nano scale materials.

A whole range of issues from the preparation, structure, properties and observation of quantum effects in carbon nanotubes in comparison with 0-D fullerenes are discussed.

In addition, complementary reviews on carbon nanoparticles such as carbon nano-capsules, onion-like graphite particles and metal-coated fullerenes are covered.

This book aims to cover recent research and development in this area, and so provide a convenient reference tool for all researchers in this field. It is also hoped that this book can serve to stimulate future work on carbon nanotubes.

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For materials scientists, chemists, physicists.


Book information

  • Published: January 1997
  • Imprint: PERGAMON
  • ISBN: 978-0-08-042682-2

Table of Contents

Editorial (M. Endo et al.). Preface: Carbon nanotubes (M.S. Dresselhaus). Pyrolytic carbon nanotubes from vapor-grown carbon fibers (M. Endo et al.). Electric effects in nanotube growth (D.T. Colbert, R.E. Smalley). Catalytic production and purification of nanotubes having fullerene-scale diameters (V. Ivanov et al.). Physics of carbon nanotubes (M.S. Dresselhaus et al.). Electronic and structural properties of carbon nanotubes (J.W. Mintmire, C.T. White). Carbon nanotubes with single-layer walls (C.-H. Kiang et al.). Carbon nanotubes: I. Geometrical considerations (R. Setton). Scanning tunneling microscopy of carbon nanotubes and nanocones (K. Sattler). Topological and SP3 defect structures in nanotubes (T.W. Ebbesen, T. Takada). Helically coiled and torodial cage forms of graphitic carbon (S. Ihara, S. Itoh). Model structure of perfectly graphitizable coiled carbon nanotubes (A. Fonseca et al.). Hemi-toroidal networks in pyrolytic carbon nanotubes (A. Sarkar et al.). Properties of buckytubes and derivatives (X.K. Wang et al.). Electronic properties of carbon nanotubes: experimental results (J.-P. Issi et al.). Vibrational modes of carbon nanotubes: spectroscopy and theory (P.C. Eklund et al.). Mechanical and thermal properties of carbon nanotubes (R.S. Ruoff, D.C. Lorents). Flexibility of graphene layers in carbon nanotubes (J.F. Despres et al.). Nanoparticles and filled nanocapsules (Y. Saito). Onion-like graphitic particles (D. Ugarte). Metal-coated fullerenes (U. Zimmerman et al.). Subject Index. Author Index.