Carbon Nanotubes and Graphene book cover

Carbon Nanotubes and Graphene

Carbon nanotubes (CNT) are the materials lying between fullerenes and graphite as a new member of carbon allotropes. The study of CNTs has gradually become more independent from that of fullerenes. As a novel carbon material, CNTs will be far more useful and important than fullerenes from a practical point of view, in that they will be directly related to an ample field of nanotechnology. This book presents a timely, second-generation monograph covering--as far as practical - the application of CNTs as the newest science of these materials. Most updated summaries for preparation, purification and structural characterization of single-walled and multi-walled CNTs are given. Similarly, the most recent developments in the theoretical treatments of electronic structures and vibrational structures are covered. The newest magnetic, optical and electrical solid-state properties providing a vital base to actual application technologies are described. Explosive research trends toward application of CNTs, including the prospect for large-scale synthesis, are also introduced. It is the most remarkable feature of this monograph that it devotes more than half of the volume to practical aspects and offers readers the newest developments of the science and technological aspects of CNTs.

Hardbound, 458 Pages

Published: July 2014

Imprint: Elsevier

ISBN: 978-0-08-098232-8


    1. Preface
    2. Synthesis and Purification of Multi-walled and single walled carbon nanotubes
    3. Electron diffraction and microscopy of carbon nanotubes
      Structure of multi-walled and single-walled carbon nanotubes. EELS study.
    4. Electronic Structure of Single walled carbon nanotubes
    5. Phonon structure and Raman effect of single-walled carbon nanotubes
    6. Behavior of single walled carbon nanotubes in magnetic fields
    7. Electronic properties of carbon nanotubes probed by magnetic measurements
    8. Optical response of carbon nanotubes
    9. Electrical transport properties in carbon nanotubes
    10. Capillarity in carbon nanotubes
    11. Large Scale synthesis of carbon nanotubes by Pyrolysis
    12. Carbon nanotubes as a novel pi-electron material and their promise for technological applications
    13. Preparation of Abundant CNT of High Quality (NEW)
    14. Differentiation of CNT with Different Chirality (NEW)
    15. Properties of CNT Peapod (NEW)
    16. Electronic Structure and Properties of CNT (NEW)
    17. Chemical Reactivity of CNT (NEW)
    18. Dispersion of CNT in Liquid Phase (NEW)
    19. Biological Application of CNT (NEW)
    20. Frontiers of carbon nanotubes and beyond
    21. Preparation of Graphene with Large Area (NEW)
    22. Preparation of Graphene from of Unzipping of CNT (NEW)
    23. Electronic Structure of Graphene (NEW)
    24. Spin Injection into Graphene (NEW)
    25. Application of Graphene to Transparent and Flexible Electrode (NEW)
    26. Biological Application of Graphene (NEW)
    27. Conclusion


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