Carbon Dioxide Utilization for Global Sustainability book cover

Carbon Dioxide Utilization for Global Sustainability

Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Carbon Dioxide Utilization, Seoul, Korea, October 12-16, 2003

Addressing global environmental problems, such as global warming is essential to global sustainability. Continued research leads to advancement in standard methods and produces new data. Carbon Dioxide Utilization for Global Sustainability: Proceedings of the 7th ICCDU (International Conference on Carbon Dioxide Utilization) reflects the most recent research results, as well as stimulating scientific discussions with new challenges in advancing the development of carbon dioxide utilization. Drawing on a wealth of information, this well structured book will benefit students, researchers and consultants looking to catch up on current developments in environmental and chemical engineering.

Students, researchers and consultants in environmental and chemical engineering

Hardbound, 626 Pages

Published: October 2004

Imprint: Elsevier

ISBN: 978-0-444-51600-8


  • Section Headings
    Heterogeneous catalysis of CO2
    Homogeneous catalysis of CO2
    Electro and photocatalytic reduction of CO2
    CO2 as oxidant
    Studies in supercritical CO2
    CO2 separation and recovery
    Biology and biochemistry of CO2 utilization
    Utilization of CO2 hydrates
    General uses of CO2


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