The Sweet Molecules of Life


  • Robert Stick, The University of Western Australia, Nedlands

This book is on carbohydrates-the essential molecules that give you energy. They are the building blocks of life. This book delivers up-to-date coverage on all aspects of carbohydrate chemistry. The molecules are sometimes sugars, i.e. "sweet," hence the subtitle "The Sweet Molecules of Life."Carbohydrates first gives the "nuts and bolts" of carbohydrate chemistry, enabling the reader to appreciate the subsequent chapters on protecting groups and the reactions of monosaccharides. (The protecting groups do just that-they are put on the molecules as a temporary measure during one or more reactions to stop the wrong bit of the molecule being changed during that reaction.)
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Researchers, scientists, and advanced undergraduate and graduate students in biochemistry and organic chemistry.


Book information

  • Published: March 2001
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-670960-5


"when it comes to choosing a book that could be used to teach a course to advanced undergraduate or graduate students, there are very few options. This book fills that gap. The book is clearly and entertainingly written. The coverage is excellent and many emerging areas are included. The reference list is similarly excellent and up-to-date. This book will be an extremely useful addition to the library of professionals with interests in carbohydrate chemistry. Moreover, students wanting to learn about this area will find this an informative and easy-to-read book."

Table of Contents

The Meaning of LifeThe Early Years"Grandfather Glucose"Heidi and HeinzThe Shape of Things to ComeSynthesis and Protecting GroupsThe Reactions of MonosaccharidesThe Formation of the Glycosidic LinkageOligosaccharide SynthesisDisaccharides, Oligosaccharides, and PolysaccharidesGlycoconjugates and GlycobiologyCarbohydrate-based VaccinesAppendix: Carbohydrate NomenclatureThe Literature of CarbohydratesIndex