Canine Internal Medicine Secrets book cover

Canine Internal Medicine Secrets

Part of the popular Secrets Series®, this new text provides essential, practical information for reviewing canine internal medicine topics commonly encountered in clinical situations. Organized by disorder type, it features numerous photos, a popular question-and-answer format, and a detailed index that makes it easy to find information quickly. In 10 concise chapters, expert contributors pose key questions and provide authoritative answers addressing the situations that confront small animal veterinarians every day.


Published: October 2006

Imprint: Hanley And Belfus Medical Publishers

ISBN: 978-1-56053-629-1


  • 1. Neurology and neuromuscular disorders

    2. Cardiology

    3. Pulmonary disorders

    4. Endocrine disorders

    5. Gastrointestinal problems

    6. Urinary disorders

    7. Reproductive disorders

    8. Polysystemic disorders

    9. Hemolymphatic disorders

    10. Infectious diseases


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