Canine and Feline Nutrition book cover

Canine and Feline Nutrition

A Resource for Companion Animal Professionals

How well can you answer pet owners' questions about proper diet and feeding? Canine and Feline Nutrition, 3rd Edition describes the role of nutrition and its effects upon health and wellness and the dietary management of various disorders of dogs and cats. By using the book's cutting-edge research and clinical nutrition information, you'll be able to make recommendations of appropriate pet food and proper feeding guidelines. Pet nutrition experts Linda P. Case, MS, Leighann Daristotle, DVM, PhD, Michael G. Hayek, PhD, and Melody Foess Raasch, DVM, provide complete, head-to-tail coverage and a broad scope of knowledge, so you can help dog and cat owners make sound nutrition and feeding choices to promote their pets' health to prolong their lives.

Book, 676 Pages

Published: May 2010

Imprint: Mosby

ISBN: 978-0-323-09490-0


  • Section 1: Basics of Nutrition
    1. Energy and Water
    2. Carbohydrates
    3. Fats
    4. Protein and Amino Acids
    5. Vitamins
    6. Minerals
    7. Digestion and Absorption
    Section 2: Nutrient Requirements of Dogs and Cats
    8. Nutritional Idiosyncrasies of the Cat
    9. Energy Balance
    10. Carbohydrate Metabolism
    11. Fat Requirements
    12. Protein Requirements
    13. Vitamin and Mineral Requirements
    Section 3: Pet Foods
    14. History and Regulation of Pet Foods
    15. Pet Food Labels
    16. Nutrient Content of Pet Foods
    17. Types of Pet Foods
    18. Evaluation of Pet Foods
    Section 4: Feeding Management Throughout the Life Cycle
    19. Feeding Regimens for Dogs and Cats
    20. Pregnancy and Lactation
    21. Nutritional Care of Neonatal Puppies and Kittens
    22. Growth
    23. Adult Maintenance
    24. Performance
    25. Geriatrics
    26. Nutritional Myths and Feeding Practices
    Section 5: Nutritionally Responsive Disorders
    27. Inherited Disorders of Nutrient Metabolism
    28. Development and Treatment of Obesity
    29. Diabetes Mellitus
    30. Dietary Management of Urolithiasis in Cats and Dogs
    31. Nutritionally-Responsive Dermatoses
    32. Chronic Renal Failure
    33. Feline Hepatic Lipidosis
    34. Dental Health and Diet
    35. Nutritional Management of Gastrointestinal Disease
    36. Nutritional Care of Cancer Patients
    37. Nutrition and Mobility  NEW!
    38. Nutrition and the Heart  NEW!
    Appendix 1: Estimated Metabolizable Energy Requirements for Dogs
    Appendix 2: Estimated Metabolizable Energy Requirements of Adult Cats
    Appendix 3: Standard Weights for American Kennel Club (AKC) Dog Breeds (lbs)


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