Cancer and Development

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  • Michael Dyer, Assistant Member

In recent years, a number of molecular pathways and cellular processes that are essential for normal vertebrate development have been implicated in cancer initiation and progression. In this volume, leaders in the field of cancer genetics and developmental biology share recent insights into the importance of developmental pathways for tumorigenesis. These discoveries provide important avenues for innovative new approaches to treating some of the most challenging developmental tumors.
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Researchers in cell, developmental, and molecular biology; genetics


Book information

  • Published: February 2011
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-380916-2

Table of Contents

  1. Childhood Cancer and Developmental Biology: A Crucial Partnership - Dyer, MA
  2. Stem Cells in Brain Tumor Development - Parada, L
  3. MDM2 and MDMX in Cancer and Development - Marine, J-C
  4. The Connections between Neural Crest Development and Neuroblastoma- Lahti, J
  5. Rb1, development, and cancer - Goodrich. D
  6. Genetic alterations targeting lymphoid development in acute lymphoblastic leukemia - Mullighan, C
  7. Myogenesis and rhabdomyosarcoma: The Jekyll and Hyde of skeletal muscle - Saab, R, Spunt, S and Skapek, S
  8. Medulloblastoma - Roussel, MF and Hattan, ME
  9. Rethinking Pediatric Gliomas as Developmental Brain Abnormalities - Gutmann, DH
  10. Tumor macrophages: protective and pathogenic roles in cancer development - Murray, P. J.