Calculation of Drug Dosages book cover

Calculation of Drug Dosages

A Work Text

Known for its textbook/workbook format, Calculation of Drug Dosages, 10th Edition makes it easy to master the ratio and proportion, formula, and dimensional analysis methods for drug calculation. A basic review of mathematics refreshes your math skills, and plenty of practice problems help you overcome any inexperience or weaknesses you may have. Written by nursing experts Sheila Ogden and Linda Fluharty, this resource helps you calculate drug dosages accurately and with confidence.

Paperback, 624 Pages

Published: January 2015

Imprint: Mosby

ISBN: 978-0-323-31069-7


  • Part I: Review of Mathematics
    Review of Mathematics Pretest
    1. Fractions
    2. Decimals
    3. Percents
    4. Ratios
    5. Proportions
    Review of Mathematics Posttest
    Part II: Units and Measurements for the Calculation of Drug Dosages
    6. Metric and Household Measurements
    7. Calculations Used in Patient Assessments
    Part III: Preparation for Calculation of Drug Dosages
    8. Safety in Medication Administration
    9. Interpretation of the Physician's Orders
    10. Reading Medication Labels
    Part IV: Calculation of Drug Dosages
    11. Oral Dosages
    12. Parenteral Dosages
    13. Dosages Measured in Units
    14. Reconstitution of Medications
    15. Intravenous Flow Rates
    16. Intravenous for Dosages Measured in Units
    17. Critical Care IV Flow Rates
    18. Pediatric Dosages
    19. Obstetric Dosages
    Comprehensive Posttest


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