Caenorhabditis Elegans book cover

Caenorhabditis Elegans

Molecular Genetics and Development

An updated edition of the classic Methods in Cell Biology volume 48, this book emphasizes diverse methods and technologies needed to investigate C. elegans, both as an integrated organism and as a model system for research inquiries in cell, developmental, and molecular biology, as well as in genetics and pharmacology. By directing its audience to tried-and-true and cutting-edge recipes for research, this comprehensive collection is intended to guide investigators of C. elegans for years to come.


Researchers and students in cell, molecular and developmental biology

Included in series
Methods in Cell Biology

Hardbound, 504 Pages

Published: November 2011

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-544172-8


  • Tentative Table of Contents:

    Culturing methods and genetic procedures
    General methods of culture: Jim Lewis
    Mutagenesis: Phil Anderson
    Genetic screening methods: James Thomas, Eric Jorgensen, Eric Lambie
    Genetic mapping methods: Ben Williams, Stephen Wicks (Boston College)
    Genetic mosaic analysis: Robert Herman
    Use of specialized chromosomes and rearrangements: Ann Rose, David Baillie
    Gene knockouts: Shohei Mitani, Robert Barstead
    RNAi and RNAi screening methods: Julie Ahringer, Andrew Dillin

    Genomics and Bioinformatics
    Transcriptional profiling: Stuart Kim, Don Moerman, Valerie Reinke
    MicroRNA methods: Victor Ambros, Frank Slack, Amy Pasquinelli
    Analysis of RNA function: Marv Wickens, Judith Kimble
    Analysis of the interactome: Marc Vidal
    WormBase: Eric Schwartz, Paul Sternberg, Lincoln Stein
    Structural genomics: Ming Luo, Larry DeLucas, Songlin Li, Mike Carson (U. Alabama)
    Proteomics: Ahna Skop, Moerman D., Isobe T, Krijgsveld, J
    Transcriptional regulatory networks: Marion Walhout

    Markers for gene expression and protein localization
    Immunofluorescence and antibodies: David Miller
    Imaging: John White, William Mohler
    Electron Microscopy: David Hall
    Proteins and protein assemblies: Henry Epstein
    Analysis of morphogenesis: Jeff Hardin, Andrew Chisholm
    Cell death: Monica Driscoll, Ding Xue


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