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Business Continuity


The Business Continuity playbook provides the background and tools to create, manage, and execute all facets of an organization’s business continuity program (BCP). Business continuity planning is an activity performed daily by organizations of all types and sizes to ensure that critical business functions are available before, during, and after a crisis.

This playbook guides the security leader through the development, implementation, and maintenance of a successful BCP. The text begins with a detailed description of the concept and value of business continuity planning, transitioning into a step-by-step guide to building or enhancing a BCP. Its 14 appendices, which include sample forms, templates, and definitions, make it an invaluable resource for business continuity planning.

The Business Continuity playbook is a part of Elsevier’s Security Executive Council Risk Management Portfolio, a collection of real world solutions and "how-to" guidelines that equip executives, practitioners, and educators with proven information for successful security and risk management programs.


Security and business executives planning to implement or enhance a business continuity program; managers creating a business continuity program; and educators who need to provide their students current, relevant background information on business continuity planning

Paperback, 98 Pages

Published: April 2013

Imprint: Elsevier

ISBN: 978-0-12-411648-1


  • Executive Summary

    What Is Business Continuity Planning, and Why Do I Need It?

    How Does a Business Continuity Program Help My Business, and How Is It Managed?

    How Do I Implement the Four Pillars of a Business Continuity Program?

    How Do I Maintain a Business Continuity Plan in the Long Term?



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