Building Valve Amplifiers


  • Morgan Jones

Building Valve Amplifiers is a unique hands-on guide for anyone working with tube audio equipment--as an electronics hobbyist, audiophile or audio engineer. This 2nd Edition builds on the success of the first with technology and technique revisions throughout and, significantly, a major new self-build project, worked through step-by-step, which puts into practice the principles and techniques introduced throughout the book.Particular attention has been paid to answering questions commonly asked by newcomers to the world of the valve, whether audio enthusiasts tackling their first build or more experienced amplifier designers seeking to learn about the design principles and trade-offs of "glass audio." Safety considerations are always to the fore, and the practical side of this book is reinforced by numerous clear illustrations throughout.
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Amateur and professional valve audio designers and enthusiasts


Book information

  • Published: December 2013
  • Imprint: NEWNES
  • ISBN: 978-0-08-096638-0


Praise for the previous edition:
"If you actually intend to create, modify, restore or repair tube audio equipment, I would highly recommend purchasing Building Valve Amplifiers even if you are seasoned by many years of practical experience. I am convinced that all readers will be amazed at the quantity of new useful knowledge it contains."--Andrew Marshall's AUDIO IDEAS GUIDE Magazine

"Brings together all the necessary details to enable even the novice to build satisfactory valve amplifiers. More than that, it is a primer for electronic construction, setting out the correct way to do things so that, if followed, there is a very high chance that the equipment will work first time. Thoroughly recommended for experienced builders and novices alike."--ELECTRONICS WORLD

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 PlanningChapter 2 Metalwork for poetsChapter 3 WiringChapter 4 Component TechnologyChapter 5 Test equipment principlesChapter 6 Faultfinding to fettlingChapter 7 Performance TestingChapter 8 Construction: Bulwer-Lytton 4W amplifier from start to finish