Broadband Cable Access Networks

The HFC Plant


  • David Large, Altrio Communications
  • James Farmer, Wave7 Optics

This book focuses on broadband distribution and systems architecture and concentrates on practical concepts that will allow the reader to do their own design, improvement, and troubleshooting work. The objective is to enhance the skill sets of a large population that designs and builds broadband cable plants, as well as those maintaining and troubleshooting it. A large cross-section of technical personnel who need to learn these skills design, maintain, and service HFC systems from signal creation through transmission to reception and processing at the customer end point. In addition, data/voice and video specialists need to master and reference the basics of HFC design and distribution before contending with the intricacies of their own unique services. This book serves as an essential reference to all cable engineers—those who specifically design and maintain the HFC distribution plant as well as those primarily concerned with data/voice technology as well as video technology. Included is an online component consisting of spreadsheets that were used in developing the material presented in the book.
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Degreed engineers and non-degreed technical professionals involved in designing and building broadband distribution networks, as well as those maintaining and troubleshooting them. Also useful as a study guide for candidates for SCTE certification (Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers).


Book information

  • Published: October 2008
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-374401-2


"I think the book would be a valuable addition. I think a straightforward text will appeal to the cable engineers and technicians, and be a valuable reference for anyone designing or maintaining an HFC plant....I think it will address the target audience well. There is a lot of cable-specific lore in this area, and the authors are known authorities and that carries a lot of weight in the cable community. -- Michael Adams, VP System Architecture, Tandberg TV/Ericsson Group "Something in-between the "how-to" or craft-oriented books generally available and the authors' big book is a useful addition.... The proposal seems to properly excise the relevant signal distribution topics from the previous book. There may be additional interest from those at Verizon or AT/T building systems that contain an 'hfc overlay'. The Chapter and other teaching/instruction sections of the SCTE may find this book useful." -- Dan Pike, CTO, GCI Cable

Table of Contents

Ch 1: IntroCh 2: Coaxial RF TechnologyCh 3: Coaxial Distribution Systems DesignCh 4: Linear Fiber-Optic Signal TransportationCh 5: Wavelength-Division Multiplexing (WDM)Ch 6: Linear Microwave Signal TransportationCh 7: End-to-End PerformanceCh 8: Upstream IssuesCh 9: Architecture Requirements and TechniquesCh 10: Architecture Elements and ExamplesCh 11: Emerging TechnologiesCh 12: Network Reliability and Availability