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A Guide for the Medical Profession

The completely revised and updated New Edition of this trusted text delivers complete, authoritative, evidence-based information on all of the scientific and clinical topics related to breastfeeding—from basic data on the anatomical, physiological, biochemical, nutritional, immunological, and psychological aspects of human guidance on a full range of problems in clinical management. Written by a pioneer in the field of human lactation, the 6th Edition has been revised from cover to cover to include information on new drugs and herbal products, infections, and much more.

Pediatricians, Family Practitioners, Obstetricians, PNPs, Midwives, Neonatal Nurses


Published: April 2005

Imprint: Mosby

ISBN: 978-0-323-02823-3


  • 1. Breastfeeding in Modern Medicine

    2. Anatomy of the Human Breast

    3. Physiology of Lactation

    4. Biochemistry of Human Milk

    5. Host-Resistance factors and Immunologic Significance of Human Milk

    6. Psychologic Impact of Breastfeeding

    7. Facilitating an Informed Decision About Breastfeeding

    8. Practical Management of the Mother-Infant Nursing Couple

    9. Problems Associated with the Nipple, Areola, and Breast Itself

    10. Maternal Nutrition and Supplement for Mother or Infant

    11. Weaning: Timing and Techniques

    12. Normal Growth Patterns, Failure-to-Thrive and Obesity in the Breastfed Infant

    13. Medications, Herbal Preparations and Natural Products in Breast Milk

    14. The Transmission of Infectious Diseases Through Breast Milk and Breastfeeding

    15. Breastfeeding the Infant with a Problem or Illness

    16. The Premature Infant and Breastfeeding

    17. Acute and Chronic Medical Conditions of the Mother

    18. Human Milk as a Prophylaxis or Mediator of Allergy

    19. Employment and Away From Home Activities While Breastfeeding

    20. Reproductive Function, Fertility, Sexuality and Pregnancy During Lactation

    21. The Collection and Storage of Human Milk and Human Milk Banks. Pumps and Paraphernalia

    22. Breastfeeding Support Groups and Community Resources

    23. Educating and Training the Medical Professional


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