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Brain Stimulation

Handbook of Clinical Neurology (Series editors: Aminoff, Boller, Swaab)

The field of brain stimulation is expanding rapidly, with techniques such as DBS, TMS, and tDCS moving from the research community into clinical diagnosis and treatment. Clinical applications include treating disorders such as Parkinson's disease, dystonia, and even depression.

The chapters of Brain Stimulation are written by leading international researchers and clinical specialists include coverage of techniques, modes of action and applications in physiology and therapeutics. The combination of research and clinical coverage will be of interest to neurologists, neurosurgeons, psychiatrists, neuroscientists, and health care workers.

Neurologists, Neuroscience research workers

Hardbound, 784 Pages

Published: November 2013

Imprint: Elsevier

ISBN: 978-0-444-53497-2


  • SECTION 1  Deep brain stimulation

    Basic science

    1. Principles of electrical stimulation of neural tissue
        David T. Brocker and Warren M. Grill (Durham, USA)

    2. Deep brain stimulation in animal models
        Yasin Temel (Maastricht, the Netherlands)

    3. Deep brain stimulation surgical techniques
         Fahd R. Khan and Jaimie Henderson (Stanford, USA)

    4. Deep brain stimulation: how does it work ?
         Filippo Agnesi, Matthew D. Johnson and Jerrold L. Vitek (Minneapolis, USA)

    5. Computational modelling of deep brain stimulation
         Cameron C. McIntyre and Thomas J. Foutz (Cleveland, USA)

    6. Therapeutic stimulation versus ablation
         Marwan I. Hariz and Gun-Marie Hariz (London, UK and UmeÃ¥, Sweden)

    7. Magnetic resonance imaging safety of deep brain stimulator devices
         Chima O. Oluigbo and Ali R. Rezai (Columbus, USA)

    8. Brain stimulation and functional imaging with fMRI and PET
         Ji Hyun Ko, Christopher C. Tang and David Eidelberg
        (Manhasset, USA)

    Clinical applications of deep brain stimulation

    9. Deep brain stimulation for Parkinson disease: patient selection
         Pierre Pollak (Geneva, Switzerland)

    10. Deep brain stimulation for Parkinson disease: clinical outcome
           Guenther Deuschl (Kiel, Germany)

    11. Postoperative management of deep brain stimulation in Parkinson disease
           Anna Castrioto, Jens Volkmann and Paul Krack (Grenoble, France and Würzburg,

    12. Psychiatric considerations in deep brain stimulation for Parkinson disease
           Valerie Voon, Nicholas Araki Howell and Paul Krack (Cambridge, UK and Grenoble,

    13. Deep brain stimulation for essential tremor
           Jules M. Nazzaro, Kelly E. Lyons and Rajesh Pahwa (Kansas City, USA)

    14. Deep brain stimulation for dystonia
           Marie Vidailhet, Marie-France Jutras, Emmanuel Roze and David Grabli (Paris,

    15. The role of deep brain stimulation in the treatment of secondary dystono-dyskinesia
           Christian Saleh, Victoria Gonzalez and Philippe Coubes (Montpellier, France)

    16. Deep brain stimulation for other tremors, myoclonus and chorea
           Philip Starr, (San Francisco, USA)

    17. Deep brain stimulation for epilepsy
           Robert S. Fisher (Stanford, USA)

    18. Deep brain stimulation for major depression
           Thomas E. Schlaepfer and Bettina H. Bewernick (Bonn, Germany and Baltimore, USA)

    19. Deep brain stimulation in obsessive-compulsive disorder: neurocircuitry and clinical
          Nir Lipsman, Peter Giacobbe and Andres M. Lozano (Toronto, Canada)

    20. Deep brain stimulation in Tourette syndrome
           Veerle  Visser-Vandewalle and Jens Kuhn (Maastricht, the Netherlands and Cologne,

    21. Deep brain stimulation in addiction due to psychoactive substance use
           Jens Kuhn, Christian P. Bührle, Doris Lenartz and Volker Sturm (Cologne, Germany)

    22. Evaluating the potential of deep brain stimulation for treatment-resistant anorexia nervosa
           Nir Lipsman, Blake Woodside and Andres M. Lozano (Toronto, Canada)

    23. Deep brain stimulation for pain
           Erlick A.C. Pereira, Alexander L. Green and Tipu Z Aziz (Oxford, UK)

    24. Central thalamic deep brain stimulation for support of forebrain arousal regulation in the
          minimally conscious state
           Nicholas D. Schiff (New York, USA)

    25. Deep brain stimulation for cognitive disorders
           Adrian W. Laxton, Nir Lipsman and Andres M. Lozano (Toronto, Canada and Winston-
           Salem, USA)

    26. Ethics guidance for neurological and psychiatric deep brain stimulation
           Emily Bell and Eric Racine (Montréal, Canada)

    SECTION 2  Superficial brain stimulation

    Basic principles

    27. Transcranial electric and magnetic stimulation: technique and paradigms
           Walter Paulus, Angel V. Peterchev and Michael Ridding (Gottingen, Germany; Durham,
           USA and Adelaide, Australia)

    28. Epidural and subdural stimulation
           Volker Tronnier and Dirk Rasche (Lübeck, Germany)

    29. Physics of effects
           Pedro Cavaleiro Miranda (Lisbon, Portugal)

    30. Biology of effects
           Vincenzo Di Lazzaro (Rome, Italy)

    Clinical utility in diagnosis

    31. Central motor conduction time
           Kaviraja Udupa and Robert Chen (Toronto, Canada)

    32. Pharmaco-TMS studies of motor excitability
           Ulf Ziemann (Frankfurt am Main, Germany)

    Therapeutic uses

    33. Treating the depressions with superficial brain stimulation methods
           Mark S. George, Joseph J. Taylor and Baron Short (Charleston, USA)

    34. Other therapeutic psychiatric uses of superficial brain stimulation
           Mario A. Cristancho, Pilar Cristancho and John P. O’Reardon (Philadelphia, St Louis
           and Stratford, USA)

    35. Pain
           Jean-Pascal Lefaucheur (Créteil, France)

    36. Tinnitus
           Berthold Langguth and Dirk De Ridder (Regensburg, Germany and Antwerp, Belgium)

    37. Parkinson disease
           David H. Benninger (Lausanne, Switzerland)

    38. Dystonia
           Ryuji Kaji (Tokushima, Japan)

    39. Epilepsy
           Alexander Rotenberg (Boston, USA)

    40. Non-invasive brain stimulation in neurorehabilitation
           Marco Sandrini and Leonardo G. Cohen (Bethesda, USA)

    Research applications

    41. Plasticity
           Joseph Classen (Leipzig, Germany)

    42. Research applications of non-invasive superficial brain stimulation in Parkinson disease
           John C. Rothwell and Mark J. Edwards (London, UK)

    43. Transcranial magnetic stimulation in dystonia
           Angelo Quartarone (Messina, Italy and New York, USA)

    44. Non-invasive brain stimulation in Huntington disease
           Alfredo Berardelli and Antonio Suppa (Rome, Italy)

    45. Utility of transcranial magnetic stimulation in delineating ALS pathophysiology
           Steven Vucic and Matthew C. Kiernan (Sydney, Australia)

    46. Superficial brain stimulation in multiple sclerosis
           Regina Schlaeger (Basel, Switzerland)

    47. Brain stimulation in migraine
           Filippo Brighina, Giuseppe Cosentino and Brigida Fierro (Palermo, Italy)

    48. Dementia
           Raffaele Nardone, Stefan Golaszewski and Eugen Trinka (Salzburg, Austria and
           Merano, Italy)

    49. Addiction
           Jodie Feil and Abraham Zangen (Clayton, Australia and Beer-Sheva, Israel)

    50. Tourette syndrome
           Shahana Nasrin and Donald L. Gilbert (Cincinnati USA)

    51. Cerebellum
           Stefan Jun Groiss and Yoshikazu Ugawa (Fukushima, Japan)

    52. Transcranial magnetic stimulation and vision
           Juha Silvanto (Espoo and Helsinki, Finland)

    53. Transcranial magnetic stimulation techniques to study the somatosensory system: 
          research applications
           W. Richard Staines and David A.E. Bolton (Waterloo, Canada)

    54. Language
          Luigi Cattaneo (Mattarello, Italy)

    55. Research applications of noninvasive brain stimulation: learning and memory
           Anna-Katharine Brem, Kathy Ran and Alvaro Pascual-Leone (Boston, USA and
           Barcelona, Spain)

    56. Cognition
           Carlo Miniussi and Manuela Ruzzoli (Brescia, Italy and Barcelona, Spain)


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