Brain Plasticity and Epilepsy: A Tribute to Frank Morrell, 45 book cover

Brain Plasticity and Epilepsy: A Tribute to Frank Morrell, 45


Published: November 2000

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-366845-5


  • This volume of International Review of Neurobiology integrates the latest developments in normal and abnormal neuroplasticity and epilepsy, and considers their implications for understanding the basic mechanisms of normal and pathological behaviors. The chapters are written by leaders in the field, and provide comprehensive coverage of the subject, from molecular neurobiology to behavior. This book will help neuroscientists gain a better understanding of the application of fundamental neuronal mechanisms of plastic change to problems relevant to the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of human disease, particularly epilepsy.


  • Contributors.
    Mechanisms of Brain Plasticity: From Normal Brain Function to Pathology, P.A. Schwartzkroin.
    Brain Development and Generation of Brain Pathologies, G.L. Holmes and B. McCabe.
    Maturation of Channels and Receptors: Consequences for Excitability, D.F. Owens and A.R. Kriegstein.
    Neuronal Activity and the Establishment of Normal and Epileptic Circuits during Brain Development, J.W. Swann, K.L. Smith, and C.L. Lee.
    The Effects of Seizures on the Hippocampus of the Immature Brain, E.F. Sperber and S.L. Moshé.
    Abnormal Development and Catastrophic Epilepsies: the Clinical Picture and Relation to Neuroimaging, H.T. Chugani and D.C. Chugani.
    Cortical Reorganization and Seizure Generation in Dysplastic Cortex, G. Avanzini, R. Spreafico, S. Franceschetti, G. Sancini, G. Battaglia, and V. Sciaoli.
    Rasmussen's Syndrome with Particular Reference to Cerebral Plasticity: A Tribute to Frank Morrell, F. Andermann and Y. Hart.
    Structural Reorganization of Hippocampal Networks Caused by Seizure Activity, D.H. Lowenstein.
    Epilepsy-Associated Plasticity in &ggr;-Aminobutyric Acid Receptor Expression, Function, and Inhibitory Synaptic Properties, D.A. Coulter.
    Synaptic Plasticity and Secondary Epileptogenesis, T.J. Teyler, S.L. Morgan, R.N. Russell, and B.L. Woodside.
    Synaptic Plasticity in Epileptogenesis: Cellular Mechanisms Underlying Long-Lasting Synaptic Modifications That Require New Gene Expression, O. Steward, C.S. Wallace, and P.F. Worley.
    Cellular Correlates of Behavior, E.R. Wood, P.A. Dudchenko, and H. Eichenbaum.
    Mechanisms of Neuronal Conditioning, D.A.T. King, D.J. Krupa, M.R. Foy, and R.F. Thompson.
    Plasticity in the Aging Central Nervous System, C.A. Barnes.
    Secondary Epileptogenesis, Kindling, and Intractable Epilepsy: A Reappraisal from the Perspective of Neural Plasticity, T.P. Sutula.
    Kindling and the Mirror Focus, D.C. McIntyre and M.O. Poulter.
    Partial Kindling and Behavioral Pathologies, R.E. Adamec.
    The Mirror Focus and Secondary Epileptogenesis, B.J. Wilder.
    Hippocampal Lesions in Epilepsy: A Historical Review, R. Naquet.
    Clinical Evidence for Secondary Epileptogenesis, H.O. Lüders.
    Epilepsy as a Progressive (or Nonprogressive "Benign") Disorder, J.A. Wada.
    Pathophysiological Aspects of Landau-Kleffner Syndrome: From the Active Epileptic Phase to Recovery, M.-N. Metz-Lutz, P. Maquet, A. De Saint Martin, G. Rudolf, N. Wioland, E. Hirsch, and C. Marescaux.
    Local Pathways of Seizure Propagation in Neocortex, B.W. Connors, D.J. Pinto, and A.E. Telfeian.
    Multiple Subpial Transection: A Clinical Assessment, C.E. Polkey.
    The Legacy of Frank Morrell, J. Engel, Jr..


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