Botulinum Toxin

Procedures in Cosmetic Dermatology Series


  • Alastair Carruthers, MA, BM, BCh, FRCP(LON), FRCPC, Clinical Professor, Division of Dermatology, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada
  • Jean Carruthers, MD, FRCSC, Clinical Professor, Department of Ophthalmology, University of British Columbia, Carruthers Dermatology Centre Inc, Vancouver, Canada

Botulinum Toxin, a volume in the Procedures in Cosmetic Dermatology Series, helps you keep up with the growing demand for non-invasive procedures and provide the optimum results your patients expect. Evidence-based, procedural how-to's and step-by-step advice on proper techniques, pitfalls, and tricks of the trade equip you to successfully incorporate the very latest botulinum injection techniques into your busy practice!
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Dermatologists, Dermatologic Surgeons


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  • Published: October 2012
  • Imprint: SAUNDERS
  • ISBN: 978-1-4557-2781-0

Table of Contents


Series Preface XXX

Series Preface (First edition) XXX

Preface XXX

Contributors XXX

Acknowledgments XXX

Dedication XXXX

1 Therapeutic Uses of the Botulinum Toxins XXX

Andrew Blitzer

2 History of OnabotulinumtoxinA
Therapeutic XXX

Mitchell F. Brin, Andrew Blitzer

3 History of Cosmetic Botulinum Toxin XXX

Alastair Carruthers, Jean Carruthers

4 Basic Science: BOTOX® Cosmetic XXX

Conor J. Gallagher

5 Basic Science: Abobotulinum Toxin A XXX

Gary D. Monheit, Andrew Pickett

6 Basic Science: Xeomin® XXX

Jürgen Frevert, Gerhard Sattler

7 Basic Science: Myobloc® XXX

Neil S. Sadick, Nils Krueger

8 Medytoxin/Neuronox® XXX

Kyle Koo-II Seo, Wooshun Lee

9 Comparison of Botulinum Toxins XXX

Chung-Yin Stanley Chan, Kathryn Kent,
Thomas E. Rohrer

10 Topical Neurotoxin XXX

Jacob M. Waugh, Richard G. Glogau

11 Reconstitution / Dilution XXX

Ada R. Trindade de Almeida,
Letícia Cardoso Secco

12 Glabella XXX

Naissan O. Wesley, Derek H. Jones

13 Eyebrow Height / Shaping XXX

Jason Sneath, Massimo Signorini

14 Frontalis and HFL XXX

Austin Liu, David M. Ozog, Joel L. Cohen

15 Treatment of Crow’s Feet XXX

Melanie Warycha, Jeffrey S. Dover,
Murad Alam

16 Infraorbital / Upper and Lower Eyelids XXX

Shannon Humphrey, Steven Fagien

17 Treatment of the Mid-face with
Botulinum Toxin XXX

Ian A. Maher, Timothy C. Flynn

18 Orbicularis Oris, Mentalis, Depressor
Anguli Oris XXX

Fredric S. Brandt, Annelyse C. Ballin,
Jeremy B. Green, Joely Kaufman,
Alex Cazzaniga

19 Platysma and the Nefertiti Lift® XXX

Phillip M. Levy

20 The Masseters and Their Treatment
with Botulinum Toxin XXX

Greg J. Goodman

21 Darker Skin Types XXX

Pearl E. Grimes, Andrew F. Alexis

22 Combination Treatment XXX

Alastair Carruthers, Jean Carruthers

23 Focal Axillary Hyperhidrosis XXX

Dee Anna Glaser, Adam R. Mattox

24 Palmo-Plantar Hyperhidrosis XXX

Kavita Mariwalla, Nowell Solish

25 The Future of Botulinum Toxin XXX

Alastair Carruthers, Jean Carruthers

Index XXX