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A distinguished book series providing unparalleled coverage of the world's crop pests edited byM. W. SabelisThe well known World Crops Pests series started in 1985 with a comprehensive study on spider mites. By now several other books on insect crop pests have been published.In every book you will find names of world-wide known acarologists; selections of authors that guarantee the top level of up to date information gathered from various regions of the world.Every reader interested either in morphology, anatomy and behaviour or in life history of the animals, as well as looking for data on insect-host relationships and control of pests is able to find relevant pieces of knowledge.The chapters have a uniform layout: each article begins with an introduction, which is followed by the main descriptive part and completed with conclusions. Such a composition presents the data well against a broad, relevant background. The conclusive considerations ending each article allow the reader to find the key problems and questions waiting to be explored and answered in future studies.The books are provided with useful indexes.The World Crop Pests series is directed to students, teachers, researchers, extension workers and other clients in the areas of acarology and plant protection. Maybe you have been searching in vain for literature on a similar topic or maybe you yourself have a topic to contribute. Please send your suggestions, remarks or book proposal to:Maurice W. Sabelis, Professor in Population BiologyUniversity of AmsterdamInstitute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem DynamicsKruislaan 3201098 SM AmsterdamThe Netherlandsphone:(31)-20-5257738fax:(31)-20-5257754e-mail:sabelis@bio.uva.nlWorld Crop Pests, a giant book series on the tiniest insects.

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