Trace Metals and other Contaminants in the Environment

Edited by

  • Nriagu, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, U.S.A.

Formerly known as the Trace Metals and other Contaminants in the Environment series
Chemical and biological contaminants are present in natural environments around the globe. These contaminants can adversely affect the health of ecosystems as well as humans. In order to minimise the impacts of these contaminants into the future, it is important that researchers, policy makers and other practitioners have an understanding of the factors and processes affecting the risks of contaminants now and into the future. Aimed at graduate students, researchers, industrialists and environmental regulators, this book series includes volumes that explore some of the most important drivers affecting the impacts of chemical and biological contaminants on the natural environment, including climate change, technological progress, demographic change, urbanisation and industrialisation. Unlike many other books on environmental contaminants, volumes in this series will provide a clear and up-to-date synthesis of our current understanding of different drivers and how they affect the inputs of contaminants to the environment, as well as how they behave in the environment and how they affect ecosystems and humans. Chapters in the volumes will be written in a clearly understandable form by authors with an international reputation in their respective research fields.

Please contact the Series Editors or the Acquisitions Editor, Susan Dennis, for more information or if you are interested in contributing.

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