The Cytoskeleton

Edited by

  • I.F. Pryme, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of Bergen, Bergen, Norway
  • J.E. Hesketh, Rowett Research Institute, Aberdeen, Scotland

The Cytoskeleton has many features, for example, the basic building blocks and transport functions of microtubules, myosin motor molecules, and actin mircrofilaments, which are conserved between cell types and even between organisms. However, in addition there are certain features of organization, regulation, or function which are specific to different cell or tissue types. Increasing knowledge of the properties of the cytoskeleton during normal cell function has been paralleled by an awareness that the cytoskeleton plays important roles in disease processes and cell pathology. It is now clear that abnormalities in the cytoskeleton can have sufficient impact on cell physiology that altered cell function and disease follow.

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