Tetrahedron Organic Chemistry

The Tetrahedron Organic Chemistry series was established in 1983. The Series Editors are Professor Sir Jack Baldwin FRS (University of Oxford), Professor Robert M. Williams (Colorado State University) and Professor Jan-Erling Bäckvall (University of Stockholm). In the first instance, please submit any proposals for a new book for the series to chemistry@elsevier.com.The Elsevier Tetrahedron Organic Chemistry Series is a topical series of monographs by world-renowned scientists in several fields of organic chemistry. The Tetrahedron Organic Chemistry Series has been very successful in providing some of the very best scholarly works in these topical areas that have proven to be of lasting quality as indispensable reference sources. These books have provided the practicing researcher, student and scholar with an invaluable source of comprehensive reviews in organic chemistry, predominantly in the areas of synthesis and structure determination, including:* Reagents* Reaction mechanisms* Molecular Diversity* Asymmetric Synthesis* Multi-dimensional nmr* Enzymatic Synthesis* Organometallic Chemistry * Biologically Important Molecules

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