NeuroImmune Biology

Series edited by

  • Istvan Berczi
  • Andor Szentivanyi

Neuroimmune Biology (NIB) marks the beginning of a new scientific discipline, and is presented in a new book series. This series will collect, organise, co-ordinate, integrate and interpret the knowledge that is rapidly accumulating in biology regarding the physiology and pathophysiology of higher organisms. It is now apparent that the Nerves-, Endocrine-, and Immune systems form a regulatory network, which is fundamental for the entire life cycle of man and of higher animals, both in health and disease. The organisation and interpretation of knowledge concerning this regulatory system is important for a better understanding of higher organisms in their entire complexity. NIB holds the promise of developing better approaches for the prevention and cure of human and animal diseases and for the development of better methods for the management of biological systems.

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