Modern Problems in Condensed Matter Sciences

Edited by

  • A.A. Maradudin
  • V. Agranovich, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia

Our understanding of condensed matter is developing rapidly and the numerous new insights gained in this field define to a significant degree the face of contemporary science. Furthermore, discoveries made in this area are shaping present and future technology. This being so, it is clear that the most important results and directions for future developments can only be covered by an international group of authors working in co-operation.With the support of a distinguished Advisory Editorial Board, areas of current interest that have reached a level of maturity to be reviewed, are selected for the series and each contributed volume has, accordingly, two editors. Monographs, written by either Western or Soviet authors, are also included. The complete series will provide the most comprehensive coverage available of condensed matter science.The publishing house "Nauka", publishes the volumes in the Russian language. This way the broadest possible readership is ensured.

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