Methods in Computational Biology and Biochemistry

Series edited by

  • A. Konopka

The series is primarily devoted to methodology of nucleic acid and protein sequence analysis and structure prediction. Books included in the series are at advanced level and address state-of-the-art computational methods and concepts for research in molecular biology, biochemistry, structural biology, genomics, and proteomics. Each book in the series covers in detail a specific area of computational biology such that it can serve as a definitive reference on this area. The series is designed for experts who are already involved in research in computational biology. Other anticipated readers are mature scientists who contemplate entering computational biology after having research experience in another field of science. It is not anticipated that the series will attract general readership. However, the authors of individual books are encouraged to include advanced tutorials concerning foundations of their specific sub-fields of computational biology. Thereby it will be possible to use books from the series as textbooks for students and researchers entering the field.

Latest volumes


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