Handbooks in Operations Research and Management Science

Series Editor:

  • Jan Lenstra
  • J. G. "Jim" Dai
  • George Nemhauser, School of Industrial & Systems Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA, USA

From being a humble subdiscipline within civil engineering, transportation research has grown to transcend disciplinary boundaries and become a substantial multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary field of study in its own right. Its growing sophistication and complexity has mirrored the ever-increasing transport problems we all face: congestion, pollution, environmental degradation, accidents, social issues of accessibility and mobility, economic costs and benefits. Almost all of those involved in transportation are seeking to resolving these real-world problems; and more and more transportation professionals find themselves seeking solutions in published research.Transportation research has now reached maturity, with a solid foundation of established methodology for professionals to turn to and for future researchers and practitioners to build on. Elsevier's acclaimed series of six Handbooks in Transport form a unique reference work that comprehensively covers this many-faceted subject. Comprising specially commissioned chapters from the recognized experts on their topics, each title in the series encapsulates the essential knowledge of a major area within transportation. To practitioners, researchers and students alike, these books are authoritative, accessible, and invaluable.

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