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The Elsevier Oceanography Series, founded in 1965, is a broad-based and well-respected series on all aspects of marine science. Particular attention is paid to in-depth studies of certain oceanographic processes, methods and regions. Recent volumes in the series cover aspects of chemical, biological and physical oceanography, modelling, operational oceanography, and in-depth regional studies. All books in this series have a strong reference value, and vary from advanced level monographs to multi-author, edited volumes and graduate-level textbooks. Series URL: http://www.elsevier.com/locate/series/eosBenefits for contributing authors include:- international distribution and marketing- attractive bulk sale opportunities- 30% discount ON ALL BOOKS plus stand-alone CD-ROMS except multi-volume reference works. Depending on the subject coverage of a proposal we may also recommend publication in one of our other two book series- /locate/series/pimsProceedings in Marine Science- /locate/series/dmtDevelopments in Marine Technology SeriesAuthors interested in submitting a book proposal for the series should contact:Jennifer Hele (Associate Acquisitions Editor) atE-mail: j.hele@elsevier.com,,,,

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