Developments in Quaternary Science

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Developments in Quaternary Science is a book series designed to bring together important texts within the continually expanding field of Quaternary science. This series is linked to the journals: Quaternary Science Reviews, Quaternary Research and Quaternary International, and provides an outlet for texts that require individual or special consideration, not achieved most effectively within an academic journal. In this respect the series will provide an outlet for topics that require substantial space, are linked to major scientific events, require special production facilities (i.e. use of interactive electronic methods), or are archival in character. The subjects covered by the series will include a range of processes and palaeo-responses within the fields of geology, biology, geography, climatology archaeology and geochronology and particular consideration will be given to issues such as the Quaternary development of specific regions, comprehensive treatments of specific topics such as global scale consideration of patterns of glaciation, and compendia on timely topics such as dating methodologies, environmental hazards and rapid climate changes. The series will provide an outlet for scientists who wish to achieve a substantial treatment of major scientific concerns and a venue for those seeking the authority provided by such an approach. Series URL: For information on how to submit your book proposal, please contact Jaap van der Meer (Editor at Versteeg (Accociate Editor) at

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