Developments in Environmental Economics

This book series, is concerned with the most important areas of natural resource and environmental economics, including the economics of pollution control and m...anagement and the economics of environmental conservation.The titles within this series concentrate on key elements of economic theory, including macroeconomic and institutional-economic analysis of environmental policy as well as macro-environmental principles and design, with an emphasis on how these elements can be applied to real problems. View full descriptionHide full description

Latest volumes

7. The Institutional Economics of Market-Based Climate Policy
By E. Woerdman
Hardbound, 340 Pages
Published: August 2004
ISBN 13: 978-0-444-51573-5

6. Marine Ecologonomics
By A.V. Souvorov
Hardbound, 224 pages
Published: November 1999
ISBN 13: 978-0-444-82659-6

Other volumes