Contributions to Economic Analysis

Series Editor:

  • Badi Baltagi, Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY, U.S.A.
  • Efraim Sadka book series Contributions to Economic Analysis was established by North-Holland under the editorship of Jan Tinbergen in 1952. Its purpose ever since has been to stimulate the international exchange of scientific information and to reinforce international cooperation by publishing original research in applied economics. The editors and authors of the series represent a broad range of geographic and subject matter interests in economics, and the series includes books from all areas of macroeconomics and microeconomics. These books have in common a quantitative approach to economic problems of practical importance.Authors of monographs are encouraged to submit their manuscripts to one of the editors for consideration, preferably as soon as a complete draft is available. Authors have the opportunity to revise a manuscript after it is accepted for publication. Manuscripts will be evaluated initially by the editors. Those found suitable for the series in terms of scope and importance of subject matter, length (usually 300-450 pages in manuscript), and style of presentation will then be appraised by an expert referee. The principal criterion is whether the research is of sufficient quality and originality to be a contribution to economic analysis.Organizers of collective volumes should send a proposal to one of the editors as early as possible in the planning of a project. The proposal should include a preliminary list of articles and a tentative schedule for production. These will be evaluated by the editors in terms of coherence and significance of subject matter, reputation of the contributors, and timeliness of the production schedule. Organizers of the volume must arrange for each article to be carefully refereed as part of the production process. The criterion for inclusion of an article must be the same as for a monograph, namely, quality and orginality as a contribution to economic analysis.(ISSN: 0573-8555)

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