Comprehensive Biochemistry

Series Editor:

  • G. Semenza, Swiss Institute of Technology, ETH-Zentrum, Zürich, Switzerland

In the many chapters of Comprehensive Biochemistry covering organic and physicochemical concepts (Section I, Volumes 1-4), chemistry of the major constituents of living material (Section II, Volumes 5-11), enzymology (Section III, Volumes 12-16), metabolism (Section IV, Volumes 17-21), and the molecular basis of biological concepts (Section V, Volumes 22-29), authors have been necessarily restricted to the more recent developments of their topics. Any historical aspects were confined to recognition of events required for interpretation of the present status of their subjects. These developments are only insertions in a science which has had a prolonged history of development.Section VI (Volumes 30-40), is intended to retrace the long process of evolution of the science of Biochemistry, framed in a conceptual background and in a manner not recorded in recent treatises.The History narrated in Section VI thus leads to the thresholds of individual histories in the developments recorded by the authors of Sections I-V of Comprehensive Biochemistry. here to view Contributors to the volumes of "Personal Recollections"

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