Advances in Metal-Organic Chemistry

Edited by

  • L.S. Liebeskind, Department of Chemistry, Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Organometallic chemistry is having a major impact on modern day organic chemistry in industry and academia. Within the last ten years, the use of transition metal based chemistry to perform reactions of significant potential in organic synthesis has come of age. Advances in Metal-Organic Chemistry contains in-depth accounts of newly emerging synthetic organic methods and of important concepts that highlight the unique attributes of organometallic chemistry applied to problems in organic synthesis. Particular emphasis is given to transition metal organometallics. Each issue contains six to eight articles written by leading investigators in the field. Emphasis is placed on giving the reader a true feeling of the particular strengths and weaknesses of the new chemistry with ample experimental details for typical procedures. Contributors have been urged to write in an informal style in order to make the material accessible to interested readers who are not experts in the field.

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