Advances in Fluorine Science

Series edited by

  • Alain Tressaud, ICMCB-CNRS University Bordeaux 1, Pessac Cedex, France

The series Advances in Fluorine Science covers research results in a topical range of fluorine-related fields. It aims to present critical overviews of transdisciplinary areas where fluorine and fluoride compounds have a decisive impact. The individual volumes of Advances in Fluorine Science are thematic, addressing comprehensively to both Science and Applications, e.g. Fluorine & Environment, Fluorine & Health, Fluorine & Life Sciences, Fluorine & New Technologies, Fluorine & Energy, Fluorine & Materials Science. A major point of this series, compared to previous recent books on the subject, is that for each subject the contributors will clearly inform the reader on the nature of the problem (if any) and on the solutions that have been proposed to solve each issue.

Latest volumes


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