Advances in Electron Transfer Chemistry

Series edited by

  • P.S. Mariano

Coverage in this series focuses on chemical and biochemical aspects of electron transfer chemistry. Recognition over the past decade that a wide variety of chemical processes operate by single electron transfer mechanisms has stimulated numerous efforts in this area. These range from (1) theoretical and experimental investigations of the rates of electron transfer in donor-acceptor systems, (2) studies of photo electron transfer reactions, (3) exploratory efforts probing electron transfer mechanisms for traditional nucleophilic substitution and addition processes, and (4) investigations of electron transfer mechanisms which operate in biochemical processes.Advances in Electron Transfer Chemistry covers topics in these recently developed and important areas. The coverage spans the broad areas of organic, physical, inorganic, and biological chemistry. Each of the contributions are written on a level, understandable for graduate students and workers in the chemical and biochemical sciences, and will emphasize recent work of the contributing authors.

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