Bone and Mineral Research/7 book cover

Bone and Mineral Research/7

The aim in putting together this 7th volume of the Bone and Mineral Research series has been to present high quality, up-to-date reviews and in-depth analyses in areas where developments are, or potentially could be, of great interest to the Bone and Mineral research community.

The high standard already established in the previous six volumes of this series (under direction of Dr. William A. Peck) has been maintained. There has been some astounding progress made within some areas of bone and mineral research, whereas in other areas a slow and gradual accumulation of knowledge has resulted in increased insight, so as well as including reviews in both areas, the chapters emphasize the development of new concepts.


Published: December 1990

Imprint: Elsevier

ISBN: 978-0-444-81371-8


  • Editor's Foreword (J.N.M. Heersche and J.a. Kanis). 1. Extracellular calcium homeostasis (A.M Perault-Staub et al). 2. Calcium and hypertension (D.A. McCarron). 3. The pathogenesis of humoral hypercalcaemia of malignancy (S.H. Ralston). 4. Isolation, biochemistry and molecular biology of the PTH-related protein of malignant hypercalcemia (J.M. Moseley and L.J. Suva). 5. Osteogenesis imperfecta (D.W. Rowe). 6. Osteogenic stem cells in the bone marrow (A.J. Friedenstein). 7. Estrogens and bone (E.F. Eriksen and L. Mosekilde). 8. Vitamin D and the skin: photobiology, physiology and therapeutic efficacy for psoriasis (M.F. Holick). Subject index.


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