Blood-Spinal Cord and Brain Barriers in Health and Disease


  • Hari Shanker Sharma

Recent research into the anatomy and pathophysiology of the blood-brain and blood-spinal cord barriers suggests that a breakdown in these barriers can result in several diseases affecting the central nervous system (CNS). This book presents new findings in the area of blood-brain barrier research that suggest barriers play important roles in health and disease conditions. It also discusses the development of new drugs that can modulate the barrier function in the CNS and may provide new approaches to treating neurological diseases such as Alzheimer's disease and other motor neuron diseases, as well as spinal cord trauma.
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Book information

  • Published: November 2003
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-639011-7


"'Blood-Spinal Cord and Brain Barriers in Health and Disease' is a contemporary and very informative volume that should be a ready source of reference for all researchers and clinicians concerned with the CNS in health and disease." --Cerebrospinal Fluid Research (June 2005)

Table of Contents

Section I. Basic Aspects: Structure and Functions of Cerebrovascular BarriersSection II. Technical & Functional Aspects: Cerebrovascular Barriers In VitroSection III. Physiological Aspects: Transport Mechanisms Across Cerebrovascular BarriersSection IV. Pharmacological Aspects: Neurochemical Mediators of the Cerebrovascular BarriersSection V. Neuropsychological Aspects: Cerebrovascular Barriers in Stressful SituationsSection VI.Neurological Aspects: Alterations of Cerebrovascular Barriers in Disease ConditionsSection VII. Clinical Aspects: Cerebrovascular Barriers in Clinical ConditionsFuture Perspectives