An Inside Look at the Economics of Cybercrime


  • Will Gragido, Faculty Member of the IANS Institute where he specializes in advanced threat, botnet, and malware analysis.
  • Daniel Molina, Daniel J. Molina (CISSP) is Director of Business Development for ELAM (Emerging Latin American Markets) in Kaspersky Lab.
  • John Pirc, Advisor, HP's CISO on Cyber Security and former lecturer, US Naval Post Graduate School
  • Nick Selby, a specialist in cyber crime and intelligence, and currently a police officer in the Dallas-Fort Worth area investigating cyber crime. He teaches continuing legal education on cybercrime for prosecutors in one of the country's largest jurisdictions. He is the CEO of StreetCred Software, which produces software that helps law enforcement serve fugitive arrest warrants through predictive intelligence.

Blackhatonomics explains the basic economic truths of the underworld of hacking, and why people around the world devote tremendous resources to developing and implementing malware. The book provides an economic view of the evolving business of cybercrime, showing the methods and motivations behind organized cybercrime attacks, and the changing tendencies towards cyber-warfare. Written by an exceptional author team of Will Gragido, Daniel J Molina, John Pirc and Nick Selby, Blackhatonomics takes practical academic principles and backs them up with use cases and extensive interviews, placing you right into the mindset of the cyber criminal.
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Enterprise Security Professionals in the main verticals of: Military, Government, Healthcare, Finance, Academia, and Bio-Medical Research and Pharmaceutical.


Book information

  • Published: December 2012
  • Imprint: SYNGRESS
  • ISBN: 978-1-59749-740-4


"A crack team of computer security consultants with backgrounds in the military, police, marketing, and academia present an encyclopedic resource on cybercrime for anyone responsible for computer security."--Reference and Research Book News, August 2013

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Psychological and Cultural Trends

Chapter 2. Seasons of Change

Chapter 3. Drivers and Motives

Chapter 4. Signal-to-Noise Ratio

Chapter 5. Execution

Chapter 6. From Russia with Love

Chapter 7. The China Factor

Chapter 8. Pawns and Mules

Chapter 9. Globalization

Chapter 10. America, Land of Opportunity

Chapter 11. Global Law Enforcement

Chapter 12: The Road Ahead