Biscuit, Cracker and Cookie Recipes for the Food Industry


  • Duncan Manley, Consultant, UK

Duncan Manley has over thirty years' experience in the biscuit industry and during this period has collected recipes and examples of best practice from the leading manufacturers of biscuit, cracker and cookie products throughout the world. In his new book Manley has put together a comprehensive collection of over 150 recipes to provide technologists, managers and product development specialists with a unique and invaluable reference book.

Development activity is essential for all companies but it is potentially very expensive. This unique new book will enable research and development staff to benefit from the experiences of other manufacturers in new product development. It also provides an invaluable resource for production managers who wish to investigate improvements and cost reductions for existing lines.

The book begins by investigating some of the key variables in effective recipe development. It then presents a series of recipes for hard-dough products such as crispbread and crackers, short-dough biscuits and cookies, extruded and deposited dough products. Further chapters include recipes for sponge biscuits, wafers and secondary processes such as icing and chocolate coating. A final chapter covers the important area of dietetic products, including recipes for reduced fat and sugar biscuits and products for particular groups such as diabetics and babies.

Biscuit, cracker and cookie recipes for the food industry provides unparalleled access to best practice in the industry, and a wealth of ideas for product developers and production managers. It will be an essential resource.
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Technologists, managers, product development specialists, production managers, and R&D staff


Book information

  • Published: January 2001
  • Imprint: Woodhead Publishing
  • ISBN: 978-1-85573-543-9


This is a must-read and must-study. You can't produce reject biscuits with this book., Food and Beverage Reporter
A brilliant book, with excellent index and references., Food and Beverage Reporter
This book is excellent and contains many superb tried and tested formulae; and more., Food and Beverage Reporter

Table of Contents

Classification of biscuits; Dough consistency; Baking techniques; Recipes for hard doughs; Recipes for short doughs; Recipes for extruded and deposited doughs; Recipes for sponge biscuits; Recipes for wafers; Recipes for secondary processes; Recipes for dietetic biscuits.