Birth and Parenting Skills book cover

Birth and Parenting Skills

New Directions in Antenatal Education

A research-based, up-to-the minute account of the current status of antenatal education, focusing on the key challenges it faces in the future, offering suggestions for how these challenges might best be met. It describes some innovative approaches to accessing vulnerable groups of parents and how collaboration between the statutory and voluntary sectors might result in a better educational service for pregnant women and their families. Narratives from parents are analysed and commented upon, and underpinning the book will be an account of how the principles and practices of adult education should inform antenatal education.

Paperback, 176 Pages

Published: December 2004

Imprint: Churchill Livingstone

ISBN: 978-0-443-07474-5


  • Chapter 1: Childbirth and Parenting Education: what the research says and why we may ignore it

    Chapter 2 : Context and Purpose: learning styles and principles of adult education

    Chapter 3: Why Education for Birth is Important

    Chapter 4: Birthing and Parenting Education for Men

    Chapter 5: Are Midwives Empowered Enough to Offer Empowering Education?

    Chapter 6: Innovative Practice in Birth Education: Birmingham Women's Hospital Bith Ideas Workshop 000

    Chapter 7: Best Practice in Antenatal Education

    Improving services for women of South Asian heritage

    Parent education classes for South Asian Women: SAMPAD

    The Albany Practice, South East London: antenatal and postnatal groups

    The Bellevue Project: local classes for local women

    4U Teenage Pregnancy Group

    Blackburn Teenage Mothers' Group

    The Cafe Class (National Childbirth Trust)

    Chapter 8 : Education for Birth and Parenting: where next?



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