Biotechnology for Beginners book cover

Biotechnology for Beginners

Paperback, 360 Pages

Published: October 2007

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-373581-2


  • "This great book is highly contagious, if you open it, you want to read more and more..." --Jim Larrick, US-Biotech entrepreneur and founder of Absalus


  • 1. Beer, Bread, and Cheese: Tasty Biotech2. Enzymes: Molecular Supercatalysts for Home and Industry3. The Miracles of Genetic Engineering4. White Biotechnology: Cells as Synthesis Factories5. Viruses, Antibodies, Vaccinations6. Environmental Biotechnology: Roundabouts Instead of One-Way Streets!7. Green Biotechnology8. Embryos, Clones, Transgenic Animals9. Heart Attack, Cancer, Stem Cells: Red Biotechnology Saving Life10. Analytic Biotechnology and the Human Genome


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