Biotechnology Annual Review, Volume 2 book cover

Biotechnology Annual Review, Volume 2

The Biotechnology Annual Review series aims at covering developments in the field of biotechnology in the form of comprehensive, illustrated and well-referenced reviews. Recent expansion in this field, both industrial and educational, along with the increase in the number of new journals reporting new results, has greatly increased the need for exactly this type of series, continuously providing reviews.

Every volume, published yearly, will cover a different aspect of biotechnology.

The "Editorial Board" of Biotechnology Annual Review encourages suggestions and contributions of articles from industry or from academic institutions that would constitute a comprehensive covering of a relevant topic in biotechnology.Proposals for contributions and/or suggestions for topics for future volumes in this series should be sent to the Editor:

Professor M.R. El-Gewely
Department of biotechnology
University of Tromsø
IMB, MH-Bygget
N-9037 Tromsø

Tel: (+47) 77 644654
Fax: (+47) 77 645350

Included in series
Biotechnology Annual Review

Hardbound, 509 Pages

Published: June 1996

Imprint: Elsevier

ISBN: 978-0-444-82444-8


  • Thermozymes (C. Vieille, D.S. Burdette, J.G. Zeikus). Production of secondary metabolites by solid state fermentation (J. Barrios-Gonzales, A. Mejia). Genetics of lactobacilli in food fermentations (R.F. Vogel, M. Ehrmann). Nitrogen fixing root nodule symbioses: legume nodules and actinorhizal nodules (K. Pawlowski, A. Riberio, T. Bisseling). Using non-viral genes to engineer virus resistance in plants (M. Tepfer, C. Robaglia). Transgenic fish (T.T. Chen et al.). Chitin biotechnology applications (S. Hirano). ADP glucose pyrophosphorylase: basic science and applications in biotechnology (J. Preiss). The chemical degradation of starch: Old reactions and new frontiers (R. Hollingsworth). Biotechnological applications of the disaccharide trehalose (C.L.A. Paiva, A.D. Panek). Electrostatics of proteins (S.B. Petersen et al.). Biochemical and molecular approaches for pravastatin, a potent cholesterol-lowering drug (N. Serizawa). Novel molecular biology approaches to acellular vaccines (R. Rappouli, M. Pizza). Strategies and applications of DNA level diagnosis in genetic diseases: past experiences and future directions (S.M. Singh et al.). Molecular genetics as a diagnostic tool in farm animals (G. Stranzinger, D.F. Went). Biotechnology in developing countries: Critical issues of technological capability building (R. Acharya, J. Mugabe). Index of authors. Keyword index.


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