Biosecurity and Bioterrorism

Containing and Preventing Biological Threats


  • Jeffrey Ryan, PhD, Department of Emergency Management, Jacksonville State University, AL, USA
  • Jeffrey Ryan, PhD, Department of Emergency Management, Jacksonville State University, AL, USA
  • Jan Glarum, Emergency Response Consultant, Alcoa, TN, USA

Biosecurity and Bioterrorism is the first book to take a holistic approach to biosecurity with coverage of pathogens, prevention and response methodology. The book is organized into four thematic sections: Part I provides a conceptual understanding of biowarfare, bioterrorism and the laws we have to counteract this; Part II investigates known bioagents and the threat from emerging diseases; Part III focuses on agricultural terrorism and food security; Part IV outlines international, US, and local initiatives for biodefense and biosecurity. Case studies illustrate biodefense against both intentional terrorism and natural outbreaks. The authors bring an extraordinary combination of experience in academia and the clinical world, as well as real-world experience in technical and practical matters, to their writing. They make technical material clear and fascinating for readers with a basic knowledge of biology. Ryan and Glarum address the hazards in the context of vulnerability assessments and the planning strategies government and industry can take to prepare for and respond to such events.
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Emergency managers, security managers in the food industry, public health professionals, and first responders; undergraduate and graduate students in emergency management, homeland security, public health, agriculture, and biological sciences


Book information

  • Published: March 2008
  • ISBN: 978-0-7506-8489-7


"Ryan and Glarum have produced a reference document appropriate for the libraries of emergency planners and managers, public health leadership, as well as state and local elected officials... Used pedagogically, the book is suitable for graduate-level students in public health, emergency management, public administration , and journalism... The authors bring a balanced mix of scholarship and response experience to the creation of this text."--Bret Atkins, "Review of Biosecurity & Bioterrorism: Containing and Preventing Biological Threats" Journal of Homeland Security and Emergency Management vol.5, 1. 2008.
"This work provides a thorough, general reference for all audiences on the major biosecurity concerns of the day. The authors start with the basic science of communicable disease, then move on to the history of biological warfare and bioterrorism, followed by the threat of agroterrorism and current biodefense initiatives…As a review and reference for those potentially affected by bioterrorism issues, or for those interested in expanding their reference material related to bioterrorism issues, this book is both a current and worthwhile addition to a security professional’s library."--Security Management

Table of Contents

Part I: Biosecurity, Biodefense and the Reason for themChapter 1 Seeds of DestructionChapter 2 Biological Threats and RecognitionPart II: Defining the ThreatChapter 3 Category A Diseases and AgentsChapter 4 Category B Diseases and AgentsChapter 5 Newly Emerging Diseases and their ChallengesChapter 6 Recognition, Avoidance, Isolation and NotificationChapter 7 Case StudiesPart III: The Threat to AgricultureChapter 8 Biological Threat to AgricultureChapter 9 Recent Animal Disease Outbreaks & Lessons LearnedPart IV: Initiatives, Issues, Assets and ProgramsChapter 10 Legal Aspects of BiosecurityChapter 11 At the Local and State LevelChapter 12 Federal Programs and AssetsChapter 13 Consequence Management and a Model ProgramChapter 14 Future Directions for Biosecurity