Biopsy Diagnosis of Peripheral Neuropathy book cover

Biopsy Diagnosis of Peripheral Neuropathy

This is a standard reference for residents in neurology and neuropathology, and is also a useful book in the electron microscopy laboratory. It provides a practical approach to interpretation of nerve biopsy, and has outstanding micrographs covering both light and electron microscopy. New disease entities are discussed with advances in the understanding of the pathogenesis of each neuropathy. A complete literature review on the subject of subcutaneous nerve biopsy is accompanied by clinical features, and histogenesis of all human polyneuropathies.


Published: May 1995

Imprint: Butterworth Heinemann

ISBN: 978-0-7506-9552-7


  • CONTENTS: Role of nerve biopsy in clinical practice; Special techniques in examination of peripheral nerve; Normal structure of peripheral nerve, and pathologic alterations of vascular elements; Normal structure and pathological alterations of axons; Schwann cells and myelin in the peripheral nervous system; Normal vascular anatomy and pathological alterations; Examination of the peripheral nerve biopsy; Clinical issues in peripheral nerve disease; Idiopathic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathies; Idiopathic inflammatory neuropathies; Infectious or infection associated neuropathy; Leprous neuropathy; Vasculitic neuropathy; Dysproteinemic neuropathies; Amyloid neuropathy; Neuropathy associated with neoplasia; Neuropathies associated with endocrine/metabolic disease; Toxic neuropathies; Genetically based neuropathies; Peripheral nerves in storage diseases; Unclassified neuropathies and peripheral nerve syndromes.


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