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Bioprocess Engineering

Kinetics, Biosystems, Sustainability, and Reactor Design

Bioprocess Engineering involves the design and development of equipment and processes for the manufacturing of products such as food, feed, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, chemicals, and polymers and paper from biological materials. It also deals with studying various biotechnological processes. "Bioprocess Kinetics and Systems Engineering" first of its kind contains systematic and comprehensive content on bioprocess kinetics, bioprocess systems, sustainability and reaction engineering. Dr. Shijie Liu reviews the relevant fundamentals of chemical kinetics-including batch and continuous reactors, biochemistry, microbiology, molecular biology, reaction engineering, and bioprocess systems engineering- introducing key principles that enable bioprocess engineers to engage in the analysis, optimization, design and consistent control over biological and chemical transformations. The quantitative treatment of bioprocesses is the central theme of this book, while more advanced techniques and applications are covered with some depth. Many theoretical derivations and simplifications are used to demonstrate how empirical kinetic models are applicable to complicated bioprocess systems.

Bioprocess Engineering Students and Bioprocess Engineers, along with Chemical Engineers

Hardbound, 1000 Pages

Published: September 2012

Imprint: Elsevier

ISBN: 978-0-444-59525-6


  • "Combining biology and chemical engineering, Liu presents this overview of bioprocess engineering, applying typical techniques of the chemical industry to biosynthetic processes…Although formulated as a textbook, the level of detail would also make this suitable as a laboratory reference."--Reference & Research Book News, October 2013


  • Preface
    1. Introduction
    2. An Overview of Biological Basics
    3. An Overview of Chemical Reaction Analysis
    4. Batch Reactor
    5. Ideal Flow Reactors
    6. Kinetic Theory and Reaction Kinetics
    7. Parametric Estimation
    8. Enzymes
    9. Chemical Reactions on Solid Surfaces
    10. Cell Metabolism
    11. How Cells Grow
    12. Continuous Cultivation
    13. Fed-Batch Cultivation
    14. Evolution and Genetic Engineering
    15. Sustainability: Humanity Perspective
    16. Sustainability and Stability
    17. Mass Transfer Effects: Immobilized and Heterogeneous Reaction Systems
    18. Bioreactor Design & Operation



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