Biomolecular Spectroscopy: Advances from Integrating Experiments and Theory book cover

Biomolecular Spectroscopy: Advances from Integrating Experiments and Theory

Published continuously since 1944, Advances in Protein Chemistry and Structural Biology has been a continuous, essential resource for protein chemists. Covering reviews of methodology and research in all aspects of protein chemistry, including purification/expression, proteomics, modeling and structural determination and design, each volume brings forth new information about protocols and analysis of proteins while presenting the most recent findings from leading experts in a broad range of protein-related topics.

Biochemists, biophysicists, cell biologists, protein chemists, structural geneticists, and structural biologists

Hardbound, 352 Pages

Published: September 2013

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-416596-0


      1. Studying Biomacromolecules with Two-Dimensional Infrared Spectroscopy
      2. Rachel E. Hill, Neil T. Hunt and Jonathan D. Hirst

      3. NMR Studies on the Dynamics of Hydrogen Bonds and Ion Pairs Involving Lysine Side Chains of Proteins
      4. Levani Zandarashvili, Alexandre Esadze and Junji Iwahara

      5. Structure–Function Relationship of the Plant Photosynthetic Pigment-Protein Complex LHCII Studied with Molecular Spectroscopy Techniques
      6. Wieslaw I. Gruszecki

      7. Combined use of Optical Spectroscopy and Computational Methods to Study the Binding and the Photoinduced Conformational Modification of Proteins When NMR and X-ray Structural Determinations are not an Option
      8. Lorenzo Brancaleon

      9. Enzyme Active Site Interactions by Raman/FTIR, NMR and ab initio Calculations
      10. Hua Deng

      11. Protein and Water Confined in Nanometer-Scale Reverse Micelles Studied by Near Infrared, Terahertz, and Ultrafast Visible Spectroscopies
      12. Hiroshi Murakami

      13. Structure and Orientation of Interfacial Proteins Determined by Sum Frequency Generation Vibrational Spectroscopy: Method and Application
      14. Shuji Ye, Feng Wei, Hongchun Li, Kangzhen Tia and Yi Luo

      15. X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy—A Tool to Investigate the Local Structure of Metal-Based Anti-Cancer Compounds in Vivo

        Alfred A. Hummer and Annette Rompel


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