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Biomimetic Biomaterials

Structure and Applications

A significant proportion of modern medical technology has been developed through biomimetics, which is biologically inspired by studying pre-existing functioning systems in nature. Typical biomimetically inspired biomaterials include nano-biomaterials, smart biomaterials, hybrid biomaterials, nano-biocomposites, hierarchically porous biomaterials and tissue scaffolds. This important book summarises key research in this important field.

The book is divided into two parts: Part one is devoted to the biomimetics of biomaterials themselves while part two provides overviews and case studies of tissue engineering applications from a biomimetics' perspective. The book has a strong focus on cutting edge biomimetically inspired biomaterials including chitin, hydrogels, calcium phosphates, biopolymers and anti-thrombotic coatings. Since many scaffolds for skin tissue engineering are biomimetically inspired, the book also has a strong focus on the biomimetics of tissue engineering in the repair of bone, skin, cartilage, soft tissue and specific organs.

With its distinguished editor and international team of contributors, Biomimetic biomaterials is a standard reference for both the biomaterials research community and clinicians involved in such areas as bone regeneration, skin tissue and wound repair.

Researchers and materials scientists; Graduate students in the fields of biomaterials and biomimetics; Biotechnology engineers

Hardbound, 344 Pages

Published: September 2013

Imprint: Woodhead Publishing

ISBN: 978-0-85709-416-2


  • "Biochemical engineers and other researchers in nearby physical and biological sciences consider the structure and surfaces and tissue-engineering applications of biomimetic biomaterials. The topics include the biomimetic potential of chitin-based composite biomaterials of poriferan origin, biomimetic coatings for biomaterial surfaces, functional gradients in natural and biomimetic spinal disk structures, biomimetic scaffolds for tissue engineering based on stem cells,...", February 2014
    "The only workable strategy in developing new biomaterials is to follow the best scientific practices in design and evaluation. Yet the vastness of the biomaterials literature and the general trend towards publishing only positive results makes it difficult to determine those best practices…This book is an antidote to many of these shortcomings by focusing on the state of the art in biomimetic biomaterials and their design."--From the Foreword by Professor Luke Hanley, University of Illinois at Chicago, USA


  • Part 1 Biomimetic biomaterials, structure and surfaces: Biomimetic materials in regenerative medicine; Biomimetic potential of chitin-based composite biomaterials of poriferan origin; Hierarchical structure, mechanical properties and fabrication of biomimetic biomaterials; Biomimetic coatings for biomaterial surfaces; Functional gradients in natural and biomimetic spinal disk structures. Part 2 Tissue engineering applications of biomimetic biomaterials: Biomimetic scaffolds for skin tissue and wound repair; Biomimetic scaffolds for stem cell based tissue engineering; Biomimetic bone regeneration; Biomimetic hydrogels as scaffolds for tissue engineering applications; Injectable biomimetic hydrogels for soft tissue repair.


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