Biomembranes, Part U, Cellular and Subcellular Transport: Eukarytic (Nonepithelial) Cells, 174

Volume 174: Biomembranes Part U

  • Sidney Fleischer, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee, U.S.A.
    • Becca Fleischer, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennesse, U.S.A.
      • John Abelson, California Institute of Technology, Division of Biology, Pasadena, U.S.A.
        • Melvin Simon, California Institute of Technology, Division of Biology, Pasadena, U.S.A.


        Biochemists, cell biologists, microbiologists, pharmacologists, biomedical scientists, biophysicists, analytical chemists, and physiologists.


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  • Published: December 1989
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-182075-6


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Table of Contents

Transport in Subcellular Organelles of Animals: Plasma Membranes and Derived Transporters:
D.G. Nicholls, Measurement of Transported Calcium in Synaptosomes.
P.E. Kish and T. Ueda, Glutamate Accumulation into Synaptic Vesicles.
D. Levy and P. von Dippe, Identification of Bile Acid Transport Protein in Hepatocyte Sinusoidal Plasma Membranes.
J.D. McGivan, Transport of Alanine across Hepatocyte Plasma Membrane.
S.A. Baldwin and G.E. Lienhard, Purification and Reconstitution of Glucose Transporter from Human Erythrocytes.
G.L. Sottocasa, G.C. Lunazzi, and C. Tiribelli, Isolation of Bilitranslocase, the Anion Transporter from Liver Plasma Membrane for Bilirubin and Other Organic Anions.

Intracellular Organelles:
W.J. Arion, Measurement of Intactness of Rat Liver Endoplasmic Reticulum.
N.-E.L. Saris and A. Allshire, Calcium Ion Transport in Mitochondria.
D.G. Nicholls and E. Rial, Measurement of Proton Leakage across Mitochondrial Inner Membranes and Its Relation to Protonmotive Force.
J.G. McCormack and R.M. Denton, Influence of Calcium Ions on Mammalian Intramitochondrial Dehydrogenases.
S. Soboll and H. Sies, Effects of Hormones on Mitochondrial Processes.
S. Ohkuma, Use of Fluorescein Isothiocyanate Dextran to Measure Proton Pumping in Lyosomes and Related Organelles.
M.L. Smith, A.A. Greene, J.A. Schneider, R.L. Pisoni, and H.N. Christensen, Cystine Exodus from Lyosomes: Cystinosis.
U. Hopfer and K. Gasser, Isolation of Physiologically Responsive Secretory Granules from Exocrine Tissues.
B. Fleischer, Transport of Nucleotides in Golgi Complex.

Transport in Plants:

Higher Plants:
E. Steudle, Water Flows in Plants and Its Coupling to Other Processes: An Overview.
O. Lee-Stadelmann and E.J. Stadelmann, Plasmolysis and Deplasmolysis.
E.J. Stadelmann and O. Lee-Stadelmann, Passive Permeability.
A. Läuchli and P.J. Boursier, Compartmentation in Root Cells and Tissues: X-Ray Microanalysis of Specific Ions.
A.H. deBoer, Xylem Transport.
G. Orlich and E. Komor, Phloem Transport.
K. Raschke and R. Hedrich, Patch Clamp Measurements on Isolated Guard Cell Protoplasts and Vacuoles.
D.J.F. Bowling, Intracellular and Intercellular pH Measurement with Microelectrodes.
U. Zimmermann, Water Relations of Plant Cells: Pressure Probe Technique.

Lower Plants:
J.A. Raven, Transport Systems in Algae and Bryophytes: An Overview.
W. Tanner and N. Sauer, Uptake of Sugars and Amino Acids by Chlorella.
M.J. Beilby, Electrophysiology of Giant Algal Cells.
W.J. Lucas and D. Sanders, Ion Transport in Chara Cells.
R.M. Spanswick, Light-Induced Hyperpolarization in Nitella.
D. Gradmann, ATP-Driven Chloride Pump in Giant Alga Acetabularia.

T. Boller, M. Dürr, and A. Wiemken, Transport in Isolated Yeast Vacuoles: Characterization of Arginine Permease.
M. Stitt, R.McC. Lilley, R. Gerhardt, and H.W. Heldt, Metabolite Levels in Specific Cells and Subcellular Compartments of Plant Leaves.
E. Komor and M. Thom, Isolation of Plant Vacuoles and Measurement of Transport.

Transport in Single-Cell Eukaryotes: Fungal Cells:
A. Kotyk, Kinetic Studies of Transport in Yeast.
A. Kotyk, Proton Extrusion in Yeast.
G.W.F.H. Borst-Pauwels, Ion Transport in Yeast Including Lipophilic Ions.
V.P. Cirillo, Sugar Transport in Normal and Mutant Yeast Cells.
M. Höfer, Accumulation of Electroneutral and Charged Carbohydrates by Proton Cotransport in Rhodotorula.
C.L. Slayman and G.N. Zuckier, Proton-Potassium Symport in Walled Eukaryotes: Neurospora.
G.A. Scarborough, Isolation of Everted Plasma Membrane Vesicles from Neurospora cr