Biomembranes, Part T: Cellular and Subcellular Transport: Eukaryotic (Nonepithelial) Cells, 173

Volume 173: Biomembranes Part T

  • Sidney Fleischer, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee, U.S.A.
    • Becca Fleischer, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennesse, U.S.A.
      • John Abelson, California Institute of Technology, Division of Biology, Pasadena, U.S.A.
        • Melvin Simon, California Institute of Technology, Division of Biology, Pasadena, U.S.A.


        Biochemists, cell biologists, hematologists, pharmacologists, microbiologists, physiologists, biophysicists, and analytical chemists.


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  • Published: August 1989
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-182074-9


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"A series that has established itself as a definitive reference for biochemists."

Table of Contents

Red Blood Cells: Intact System:
E.A. Evans, Structure and Deformation Properties of Red Blood Cells: Concepts and Quantitative Methods.
R.M. Johnson, Ektacytometry of Red Blood Cells.
R.B. Gunn and O. Fröhlich, Methods and Analysis of Erythrocyte Anion Fluxes.
J.R. Sachs, Cation Fluxes in the Red Blood Cell: Na+, K+ Pump.
J.C. Freedman and T.S. Novak, Use of Triphenylmethylphosphonium to Measure Membrane Potentials in Red Blood Cells.
V.L. Lew and J. Garcia-Sancho, Measurement and Control of Intracellular Calcium in Intact Red Cells.
W. Schwarz, R. Grygorczyk, and D. Hof, Recording Single-Channel Currents from Human Red Cells.
C.M. Harvey and J.C. Ellory, Identification of Amino Acid Transporters in the Red Blood Cell.
J. Brahm, Transport Measurement of Anions, Nonelectrolytes, and Water in Red Blood Cell and Ghost Systems.
M. Canessa, Kinetic Properties of Na+/H+ Exchange and Li+/Na+,Na+/Na+, and Na+/Li+ Exchanges of Human Red Cells.
A.K. Solomon, Water Channels across the Red Blood Cell and Other Biological Membranes.
J.A.F. Op den Kamp and B. Roelofsen, Transbilayer Mobility of Phosphatidylcholine in the Red Blood Cell.
W.F. Widdas, Sugar Transport in Red Blood Cells.
Z.I. Cabantchik, Nucleoside Transport across Red Cell Membranes.
G.F. Fuhrmann, Transport Studies in Red Blood Cells by Measuring Light Scattering.
M. Haas and T.J. McManus, Cation-Anion Cotransport.
J.C. Parker, Sodium-Calcium and Sodium-Proton Exchangers in Red Blood Cells.
B. Deuticke, Monocarboxylate Transport in Red Blood Cells: Kinetics and Chemical Modification.
P.M. Cala and K.S. Hoffmann, Alkali Metal/Proton Exchange.

Derived Red Cell Preparations:
P.G. Wood, Preparation of Resealable Membranes Maximally Depleted of Cytosolic Components by Gel Filtration and Tryptic Digestion: Resealable White Ghosts.
M.R. Lieber and T.L. Steck, Hemolytic Holes in Human Erythrocyte Membrane Ghosts.
J. Garcia-Sancho and J. Alvarez, Preparation and Properties of One-Step Inside-Out Vesicles from Red Cell Membranes.
R. Blostein and W.J. Harvey, Na+,K+-Pump Stoichiometry and Coupling in Inside-Out Vesicles from Red Blood Cells.
W.C. Horne, T.L. Leto, and R.A. Anderson, Preparation of Red Cell Membrane Skeleton Proteins.
C.Y. Jung and J. Cuppoletti, Reconstitution of Red Blood Cells: Cytoskeletons Coated with Phospholipid Membrane.

Anion Transporter:
A. Rothstein, Impact of Methodology on Studies of Anion Transport: An Overview.
Z.I. Cabantchik, Isolation, Reconstitution, and Assessment of Transmembrane Orientation of the Anion-Exchange Protein.
M.J.A. Tanner, Proteolytic Cleavage of the Anion Transporter and Its Orientation in the Membrane.
P.A. Knauf and J. Brahm, Functional Asymmetry of the Anion-Exchange Protein, Capnophorin: Effects on Substrate and Inhibitor Binding.
R. Grygorczyk, P. Hanke-Baier, W. Schwarz, and H. Passow, Measurement of Erythroid Band 3 Protein-Mediated Anion Transport in mRNA-Injected Oocytes of Xenopus laevis.
P.J. Bjerrum, Chemical Modification of the Anion-Transport System with Phenylglyoxal.
J.R. Casey, D.M. Lieberman, and R.A.F. Reithmeier, Purification and Characterization of Band 3.
A. Waseem and T.L. Steck, Protein Associations with Band 3 at Cytoplasmic Surface of Human Erythrocyte Membrane.

Other Mammalian Cells: Intact Cells:
T. Akerboom and H. Sies, Transport of Glutathione, Glutathione Disulfide, and Glutathione Conjugates across the Hepatocyte Plasma Membrane.
P.F. Blackmore and J.H. Exton, Ca2+ Fluxes and Phosphoinositides in Hepatocytes.
R.D. Grubbs, M.D. Snavely, S.P. Hmiel, and M.E. Maguire, Magnesium Transport in Eukaryotic and Prokaryotic Cells Using Magnesium-28 Ion.
M.S. Kilberg, Measurement of Amino Acid Transport by Hepatocytes in Suspension or Monolayer Culture.
H.N. Christensen, Distinguishing Amino Acid Transport Systems of a Given Cell or Tissue.
J. Gliemann, Measuring Hexose Transport in Suspended Cells.
K. Werdan and E. Erdmann, Preparation and Culture of Embryonic and Neonatal Heart Muscle Cells: Modification of Transport Activity.
M.B. DeYoung, B. Giannattasio, and A. Scarpa, Isolation of Calcium-Tolerant Atrial and Ventricular Myocytes from Adult Rat Heart.
L.H. English and J.T. Schulz, Measurement of Na+ Pump in Isolated Cells.
R.A. Sjodin, Measurement of Na+-K+ Pump in Muscle.
R.M. Wohlhueter and P.G.W. Plagemann, Measurement of Transport versus Metabolism in Cultured Cells.
R.S. Kaplan, R.D. Pratt, and P.L. Pedersen, Purification and Reconstitution of Phosphate Transporter from Rat Liver Mitochondria.
F.R. Maxfield, Measurement of Vacuolar pH and Cytoplasmic Calcium in Living Cells Using Fluorescence Microscopy.
A.A. Eddy and E.R. Johnson, Transport in Mouse Ascites Tumor Cells: Symport of Na+ with Amino Acids.
S. Grinstein, S. Cohen, J.D. Goetz-Smith, and S.J. Dixon, Measurements of Cytoplasmic pH and Cellular Volume for Detection of Na+/H+ Exchange in Lymphocytes.

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